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Everything Bagel Soft Pretzels

Three Everything Bagel soft pretzels lay on a burnt parchment paper with everything bagel seasoning. There is a blue pinch bowl with dijon mustard. A silver spoon with dijon mustard lays on the parchment paper with the pretzels.

Happy long weekend to my fellow Canadian friends! What better way to spend your long weekend than to make Everything Bagel soft pretzels.

Not gonna lie, anything that involves baking with yeast is a major turn-off for me. I'll avoid it at all cost! I'm not one for waiting around for dough to "proof". But when you have time on your hands, these soft pretzels are definitely worth the wait.

I acknowledge that many people enjoy visuals/video instructions rather than written. If you need a visual to my "how to shape a pretzel" instructions, see this video here, How to Shape a Pretzel (


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