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Crockpot Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chilli

The photo is taken as a bird-eyes view. A white bowl of sweet potato and black bean chilli sits on a white and grey polka dot plate and a wooden plate. Under the plates are two long pieces of craft paper. To the left of the bowl are two tortilla chips. Above the bowl on the craft paper are crumbles of tortilla chips, cheese, and red chilli flakes. To the bottom right of the bowl is a small wooden bowl with red chilli flakes. The background is a grey countertop.

Happy New Year! January is the perfect month to embrace slow cooking and all things comfort food as you fall back into your post-holiday routine.

A close-up image of the sweet potato and black bean chilli topped with shredded cheese.

In the Northern hemisphere this month brings cold and dark days, which sometimes makes it difficult to find the energy and motivation to make elaborate and tasty meals (not to mention - you're likely exhausted from all the busyness that comes with the holidays...anyone else looking for another holiday after their holiday?).

Thank goodness for crockpots which make it easy to dump all your ingredients in one pot, set it, and then forget it! Plus, the longer it cooks, the tastier it gets.


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