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Dairy-Free Sweet Potato Lentil Curry Soup topped with Roasted Chilli Chickpeas

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

A white bowl contains sweet potato lentil curry soup topped with roasted chilli chickpeas, a dollop of plain yogurt, and chopped up spinach. A spoon graces the bowl of yummy goodness. A blue and white checkered tea towel hugs the bowl.

It's January, which means it is HECKIN' cold in Canada. Although our Ontario winter days may be filled with blue bird skies and sun - don't let that fool you. It's cold. And those gusts of wind - well that's another story.

One thing I know for sure is that soup is the quintessential meal for a cold winter day. And boy did I need this soup after my cold winter walk.

With all the right amount of flavours, this soup is sure to warm your soul!


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