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"Parm" and Ranch Popcorn Seasoning

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

A woman wearing a knit cardigan and jean shirt holds a blue bowl of parm and ranch popcorn. In the background is a wooden plate with a silver spoon, sprigs of dill, and a wooden bowl of the parm and ranch popcorn seasoning.

My number one go-to snack? Popcorn! Nothing beats snacking on the crunchy taste of popcorn while binge watching your favourite Netflix television series (personally - I'm loving Workin' Moms, which makes me so nostalgic of my time in Toronto at Ryerson University).

To add a punch of flavour, I love adding the cheesy taste of "Parm" and Ranch Popcorn seasoning. My favourite part of this seasoning? It is absolutely packed with B vitamins and fibre thanks to the nutritional yeast.

A close up image of parm and ranch popcorn.


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