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Peanut Butter BATS

Six peanut butter bats lay on a wooden plate. The wooden plate is on a grey countertop lined with cheese cloth and fairy lights.

"It's freakin' [peanut butter] BATS - I love Halloween."

It's almost Halloween - which means it is time to get our best spook on.

As a kid, Halloween was by-far my favourite holiday (some people have told me it is not a holiday, but I beg to differ). Every year I was set on having the scariest, most Halloween costume ever, whether that was being a black cat, Frankenstein's wife, evil scientist, vampire, or werewolf (never was a witch - thought witches were too mainstream).

But the one thing I looked forward to the most about Halloween was when my mom would throw the most baller Halloween parties. She was the OG Pinterest mom before Pinterest was ever a thing. I'm talking DIY haunted house garage and apple-bobbing festivities. These parties were all the rage and till this day I look back on them very fondly.

Although I am no professional Halloween party planner and likely will never live up to my mom's extravagant parties, I'd like to think I can compensate by making fun Halloween baked goodies.

These peanut butter bats are a fun twist on my Gran's Christmas Peanut Butter Balls (find the original recipe here: Vegan + Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Balls). With the addition of "Oreo wings" and candy eyes, these peanut butter bats are sure to put a smile on your favourite ghost or goblin friend's face.

Up close image of the peanut butter bats on the wooden plate.


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