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SMASHED Chickpea Sammies

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

A smashed chickpea sandwich and carrot sticks lay on a black plate. A blue and white plaid tea towel sits under the plate. The sandwich is pictured on a wooden table.

Happy New Year and hooray for making it to 2021.

If eating more plant-based meals have become a New Years Resolution or 2021 goal for you - I have just the recipe!

This easy and quick sandwich recipe is super, like REALLY filling. Best of all, it makes more than enough for one lunch/meal (who doesn't love a recipe that just keeps on giving?!).

For a wholesome, fibre-full sandwich, use whole grain, whole wheat bread, and load on all the veggies and greens like avocado, kale, spinach, grated carrots, and more!

A woman holds the smashed chickpea sandwich in her right hand. It is a cross-section, point-of-view shot that displays the content of the sandwich (the smashed chickpeas, two slices of multigrain bread, and spinach). Behind the sandwich is a black plate that has a pile of carrot sticks. The plate sits on a blue and white plaid tea towel on a wooden table.


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