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Zoodle Salad with Orange Peanut Dressing

Of all the wonderful gardens out there - the ones I admire the most are my Grannies's! I'm so fortunate that I get to share my passion for food and nutrition with them by exploring their gardens. And let me tell you, they have some of the most luscious gardens filled with delicious veggies like green beans, tomatoes, kale, beets, AND ZUCCHINIS! In fact, the zucchinis in this recipe come from my baka's (Croatian grandmother) garden.

Sometimes I wonder what she is feeding those things because every year she seems to grow some pretty monstrous zucchinis (see photo below).

A comparison photo of my arm with my baka's zucchini.
My baka's MASSIVE zucchini

Unfortunately, her monstrous zucchinis are no match for the world record holders. According to the Guinness World Record the heaviest zucchini that was ever recorded was 65lbs! And the longest zucchini...? It's held by a man from Niagara Falls (Canada), name Giovanni Batista Scozzafava, who grew a whopping 8ft 3in long zucchini. Best part of all? He claims he used no fertilizers or manure and only gave the zucchini plenty of water! (Maybe we are all destined to be World Record holders!!!)

But can you imagine if he attempted to spiralize that zucchini to make zoodles?


That sure would be a sight to see. Haha.

No but really - I can't believe how many zoodles only one medium zucchini yields!

Spiralized zucchini on a white cutting board.
Oodles of zoodles!

Luckily, I can use up all my zoodles in this refreshing zoodle salad with orange peanut dressing. Although this recipe involves a bit of work, it sure does pay off when you have that first bite of salad. Yum!




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